Equipment for Sale

Below you will find a list of equipment we currently have for sale.
contact us for more information and pricing options.

COMATEX AUTOMATIC ROLL PACKING MACHINE (DEMO MACHINE) - New except for having run a few trials in the Comatex factory. Working speed up to 90 roll/hour, Full automatic, Diameter max 500mm, Fabric width max 2400, Plastic width max 3000mm , 2 exits, Electrical Conformity CE

WEISS SLITTING AND INSPECTION MACHINE - Used Weiss Slitting and Inspecting Machine - Type SEM/SM-SRE - Working width: 2400 mm - y.o.c.: 2005 - 2 roller winder - For cutting, opening and inspection of tubular knitted fabric, - Second roll cradle for direct inspection of tubular or open width fabric FOR - slitting tubular fabric, opening and inspecting opened - inspecting tubular fabric - inspecting open width fabric

BEAM DYE EQUIPMENT (URGENT SALE) - One Then HT beam dye machine type HST 120/33. One Krantz beamer model 604.305 Ten (10) dye beams 3500mm x 60 mm diameter. Nine (9) transport frames for the beams One beam un-winder

MONTI TRANSFER PRINT MACHINE - Used Monti Transfer Printing and Laminating Calander, - y.o.c.: 2010 - working width: 3000 mm - electric heated - actually used without felt

ATLAS Ci3000+ XENON WEATHER-OMETER - Used Atlas Weather-Ometer. Model Ci3000+, year 2003, in like new condition.

SONOBOND SM86 SEAMMASTER ULTRASONIC SEWING MACHINES - 6 Reconditioned Sonobond SM86 SeamMaster Ultrasonic Sewing Machines that SEAL, SEW, and TRIM non-woven and synthetic fabrics in one quick, reliable step.

PENTEK ENAIRGY STREAM PLUS Used Pentek EnAIRgy Stream Plus, year 2015, still in new condition, Max.WW 2,200mm, Min.ww 700mm,Max drying capacity 600 kg/h H2O, speed 0 - 50 meters/min, gas heating.

KRANTZ K-10 TENTER FRAME Used Krantz Tenter Frame, Model: K-10, - 8-zone - gas-fired heating - 240 cm working width - 1996 Year - Vertical pin chain with - Mahlo Weft Straightener and Corino entry - exit to plaiting

MAGEBA RIBBON DYE MACHINE- - 1 - Used Mageba ribbon dye range, year 1993, for 5 to 6 strands, overall approximate footprint 63' long x 10' wide with: Entry scaffold & Tension control, pad, Washer with 3 boxes/3 nips Type 31-4233, , Contact Dryer Type 11-113, , Dye padder station with add tank, Infrared Dryer Type 32/5806, , Drum dryer enclosed Type 14/882,, Five section Washer Type 31-4020, with 2 wash boxes and 2 nips in tandem with washer Type 31/4030, 3 with 3 wash boxes and 3 nips, Dip for resin application, Contact drum dryer Type 11-000,

LA MECCANICA INSPECTION MACHINES - - 1 - Used La Meccanica Inspection Machines type LM92/GB/P, Y.O.M. 2002, 50 m per minute, from roll or cardboard tube to ascending batch winder, selvedge-controlled winding, 2.600 mm roller width, with measuring unit, balance, f