Equipment for Sale

Below you will find a list of equipment we currently have for sale.
contact us for more information and pricing options.

MAGEBA RIBBON DYE MACHINE- FOR IMMEDIATE SALE AND SHIPMENT, MAKE AN OFFER - 1 - Used Mageba ribbon dye range, year 1993, for 5 to 6 strands, overall approximate footprint 63' long x 10' wide with: Entry scaffold & Tension control, pad, Washer with 3 boxes/3 nips Type 31-4233, Serial No. 30180-1993, Contact Dryer Type 11-113, Serial number 30180-1993, Dye padder station with add tank, Infrared Dryer Type 32/5806, Serial No. 29792-1993, Drum dryer enclosed Type 14/882,Serial No. 27792-1993, Five section Washer Type 31-4020, Serial 29792-1993 with 2 wash boxes and 2 nips in tandem with washer Type 31/4030, Serial 29792-1993 with 3 wash boxes and 3 nips, Dip for resin application, Contact drum dryer Type 11-000, Serial No. 29792-1993

LEDA DECATIZING RANGE BY OFFICINA MASTERNew Leda Decatizing Range with pin chain equalizing section, inspection and roll-up.

PLUTONE MACHINE BY MASTER - For end-of-line automation to inspect, wind up and wrap every kind of fabric in one single automatic cycle.

ROBESON ULTRASONIC SEWING MACHINE - WSD-50D Ultrasonic machine for continuous bonding.

BIANCO PINWHEEL WEFT STRAIGHTENER  Bianco mod. Tramatex SP02 with fabric tightener and centering device      Width 2000 mm Working width 1800 mm,                              Year of construction 1992. The machine is offered completely reconditioned, subject to prior sale, EXW Prato loaded.

GENERAL PROJECTS A FRAME WINDERLike new A frame winder, 78 inches wide, with air cylinder, Essco controls and 45 KVA Transformer (64 amps, 480 HV, 240 LV)

LAFER DOUBLE DRUM RAISING MACHINE - Model GRV80 Duplex, Width 1800 mm, with scroll rolls for knits, Y.O.C. 1988, the machine has been completely inpsected and all components checked. Also, the machien has been repainted.

DELL ORCA VILLANI 4 CYLINDER RAG TEARING LINE - Capacity 850 to 1000kg / hour, Consisting of:

1 X Pierret robot loader, serial no: L5910130

2 X Balkan DT62 cutters, 2012

2 X Dell Orco Villani  Blend storage bins, capacity 3 tons each with bin emptier,
Volumetric feed to tearing line
1 X Dell Orco Villani 4 cylinders rag tearing line with aluminium lags, 2003
     specified as follows:
     1 x Caricatore cs / 1600, 
     1 x Sfilacciatrice m / 1500, 95kw
     3 x Sfilacciatrice m / 1500, 55kw each
     width: 1500mm
Dust extraction to filter bag systems 
Y.O.C. 2003 - 2012
Model Comptex / RE-2500 
Year 2000 consisting of:
Tension Bar
Corino Lattice Roll Guider w/ FLC3 Control  
Compensator to Scroll Roll
Oprator Platform 
30’ Ft Pup Tenter Vertical Pin Chain w/ Tandematic Plate Guiders, Overfeed, E & L Rail Guiders. Pinning Brushes 
Fabric Steamer 
Ferraro Compacting Bench w/ NEW FELTS 
Operator Platform
Flat Folder  

Inline Inspection Batcher w Edge Guide